Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wish list: books

Just a few books on my wish list this year. I recently checked out this Edith Wharton anthology from my local library. While on my trip to New York in October I re-read The House of Mirth and The Reef, which I found to be a tad on the depressing side. I'm about to start The Custom of the Country, and am biding time to re-read my very favorite book ever: The Age of Innocence. I'd love to add the anthology to my library shelves, as I often turn to Wharton when I'm feeling anxious (and who isn't these days?). I've read The Age of Innocence at least a dozen times since the first time (Junior English class ... thanks, Mr. Kelly!)

The Jonathan Adler book is one I'm itching to read. I really admire how he has taken his passion for his craft and applied it to bulding an entire brand. Another one that has been on my wish list forever is Lulu. I love her use of color and how she integrates fun, play, and her personal life experiences into her art. Note to Santa... Lulu is on sale!

If you have a design lover on your holiday shopping list, any of these books would score well: Adler for the entrepreneur, Lulu for the artist, Domino for the friend who is forever moving her furniture around. Ethan Frome is great for a teenager (it's FULL of serious angst!); and anything by Cormac McCarthy would be appreciated by someone wishing to get in touch with their an inner-cowboy.

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Anonymous said...

great pics! I adore the adler + domino for sure....one can never go wrong with david hicks + his amazing patterns!