Tuesday, December 30, 2008

studio makeover: the big mess

I just removed all the books from this bookshelf so I could move it, only to find that J has screwed the shelf to the wall! Ugh. He is a bit paranoid about earthquakes.

During the "move" I discovered this gem from my college collection: Ray Gun issue #6:

Cover story is "on the road with Sonic Youth." It also has a story and photos profiling the up and coming stylists Todd Oldham and Mark Jacobs styling "Trailer Park Chic"; a story by Frank Black (of The Pixies), interviewing The Reverend Horton Heat; and an article by Michael Stipe titled "From Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia" (that story has been ripped out, and, I suspect, was on the wall in my college dorm room ... Go Dawgs!). I wonder if all the stores profiled in the story "Record Shopping in the U.S." are still around. I know Lou's Records in Encinitas is still here, and I think Waterloo Records in Austin is still around. But my favorite thing in the magazine is an ad for David Carson Design. "Nail it," his ad says. Love it!

Odd coincidence of note: David Carson lived in Del Mar, California, then moved to Charleston South Carolina; I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, then moved to Del Mar, California.

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