Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who is delphine?

One of the questions we get asked here at the studio almost every day is, "Who is Delphine?"
Well ...

Delphine is Erika’s mémé (grandmother). She is a source of inspiration and strength, and thus, our company's namesake.

From the occupied South of France during WWII, to the jazz nightclub scene of 1950’s Paris, to starting a new life in America, nursing school and raising two daughters, Delphine has just about seen and done it all—all while looking fabulous.

When she is not tending her rose garden or playing with her great-grandson, Delphine can often be found in the studio reviewing new designs, or in the kitchen, preparing “un petit snack” and café for everyone. In these photos she is whipping up a tarte au pomme (apple tart); I'd give you the recipe, but in typical mémé fashion, when I asked her for it she said "you know, you make the crust, then add the applesauce and the apples, et voila. Simple."

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snarkypants said...

Ah, she is beautiful! Such a wonderful and glamorous inspiration!