Monday, September 8, 2008

black & more black

In sad fashion times like this (think electric blue tights, fuchia suede boots, plaid, neck-kerchiefs, and, horrifically, plaid neck-kerchiefs), I fall back on basic, elegant, sexy BLACK classics. Black is the new black? Let's hope.

Black silk ruffly dress: Banana Republic; Black quartz & sterling cocktail necklace: Béatrice Firm for delphine; Sweet tulip vintage handkerchief: Ebay; Stunning black evening bag with slinky gold snake: Cesare Paciotti; Sexy (yet comfy) black undies: Legaby ... and the best for last: knockout black satin "very croise platform slingback" heels by the master himself, Christian Louboutin.

Note to self... save every cent to get these shoes in black and trés chic shell pink.

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