Thursday, November 6, 2008

winning vodka

Last month J and I were having lunch at the bar at Community Food & Juice and I could not stop staring at the gorgeous label on the Prairie vodka bottle that was peeking out behind the bottles of tomato and carrot juices.

I was not surprised to spot it again as a winner in the Communication Arts magazine's design annual. The look and feel of the Prairie website is totally unexpected (it's dark, with wolves and buffalo ... not light and airy like their label). Makes me want to buy a bottle, which I suppose is the whole point of packaging, right? Fabulous!

Congrats to OLSON for the design!



Ericka! Where do you buy your wooden stir sticks in bulk?!?! :)

delphine said...

Hi Danielle, I order the stir sticks at You can use some of their art, or check out our delphine library of art ... or email me if you'd like to use delphine icons not shown on their site. And of course you can also provide FYP with your own art to print :) Have fun! If you're looking for blank stir sticks they may be able to sell them to you but I'm not sure.