Thursday, August 28, 2008


So today I have an optometrist appointment. I always get super stressed out when I choose glasses. It can take me hours. It's time to replace the glasses I have (dark tortoiseshell Chanel frames) because they're a little heavy, and I am ready for a change. I'd like to go for something lighter in color, like maybe the Gucci glasses at top left (they're green! my favorite color!). But I'm afraid I'll get tired of them. I like the top right glasses, but they're a lot like what I have now. The Prada ones (bottom left) are a cool grey color, but I ithink the wide sides might be annoying? And I love the slight cat eye look of the Kate Spade glasses (bottom right) but maybe that won't look good on my round face? Suggestions? Help? Please!

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Abbie said...

I like the top right best. My last pair are very similar, but the bottom part is rimless. I get loads of compliments at work. My other pair is bright red!