Wednesday, May 14, 2008

pack rat

photos & products: Container Store

I have always loved traveling. My parents took me on my first big trip when I was only a few months old: from my home "town" of NYC to Haiti. Ever since I have had the traveling bug, I suppose, and haven't stayed put for more than six months at a time without taking a trip at least out of state. I thought I had the packing and traveling thing down ... I have lived out of a backpack for a summer (or two) in college and can go for a month-long European vacay with only a carry on.

Packing for work/trade shows, however, is another story. I find myself dumping my entire wardrobe in my (very, very, very large) suitcase. When C introduced me to these Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders I was skeptical at first, but was quickly converted when I realized I could cram (without wrinkles, no less) all my clothes for a week-long trip in one folder.

Also essential are the Nalgene leakproof bottles. No more lotion explosions!

Now if only there was a way to shrink my size nine shoes so I could cram more in my bag ...

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