Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the biz

Last night I headed up to LA to the Design*Sponge Biz Ladies Meetup at DWR in Beverly Hills. It was inspiring to see so many design lovers and creative people in one space! Grace was a wonderful and, well, gracious, hostess and speaker.

Grace encouraged everyone to submit their work to magazine editors and bloggers via email. A lot of people ask me how I get press, and the simple truth is that I submit photos and/or samples of my work to magazines. When I was working as a writer and editor, there was nothing I liked more than a beautiful story idea to drop in my lap! Editors are very busy people, and they truly rely on press releases and story ideas and product submissions. I agree with Grace that when mailing a physical press kit they don't have to be super fancy (she said samples often end up in the 'goody room'). I think they should always be a professional, clean, true reflection of your brand. And never send something that you expect to get back!


Miss Fruitfly said...


I've posted a link to all the blogs that have written about attending the LA Biz Ladies Meet-up, including yours, and posted it on my blog. Hope that's cool.

BTW: Great book recommendations.

delphine said...

Thanks miss fruitfly!