Thursday, April 24, 2008

9th anniversary

Nine years ago John & I were married at The Circular Congregational Church in my "hometown" and favorite city of all time: Charleston, South Carolina. We had a wonderful wedding reception at The Mills House before we jetted off to my other favorite city, Paris, for our honeymoon. When we got married John was a First Lieutenant in the U.S.M.C., and I worked as an advertising editor at a small town newspaper. John looked so handsome in his dress blues! I never guessed that we'd end up in California and start our own design business ... but here we are. So lucky! I love working together.

I wish I could say that we are taking a day off to celebrate, but, with the National Stationery Show coming up in less than a month, the best we can do is a day out of the studio running errands together. So, we're off to Ikea to pick out some furniture for the show.

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