Monday, March 2, 2009

contracts and stuff for freelancers

Lets face it, most creatives do not have a penchant for writing contracts. As a small "creative business" owner who has been around for more than five years, I get lots and lots (and lots) of requests for advice on running the business end of a creative business. I always tell freelancers to HAVE A CONTRACT FOR EVERY JOB, and point them toward the Graphic Artists Guild's must-have book, Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. The book has sample contracts for just about any occasion and will give you great peace of mind as you prepare paperwork for your clients.

I was really pleased to hear that John Mireles, a fabulous local (San Diego) photographer and business coach, has a website, Photographer's Toolkit, geared toward helping his fellow photographers with "business stuff." Advice on marketing, sales, contracts, and business in general is aplenty on the site. He also lists free resources that are helpful to any creative, not just photographers.

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